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Interested in having an accounting firm with over 60 years of experience on Delmarva handle your business needs? Call our office at (410) 742-1121 and ask for one of our partners, James E. Moyers II, or Matthew P. Chance, for more information.


Ext. 102 - James E. Moyers, II CPA (Partner),​ jmoyerscpa@wlmc-cpas.com

Ext. 103 - Matthew P. Chance CPA (Partner), mchancecpa@wlmc-cpas.com

Ext. 104 - Frances L. White, CPA (Staff Accountant), fwhite@wlmc-cpas.com 

Ext. 108 - Matthew R. Mohr CPA (Staff Accountant)   mmohr@wlmc-cpas.com


Ext. 105 - Shannan E. Brinkley (Staff Accountant),​ sbrinkley@wlmc-cpas.com

Ext. 112 - Kevin T. Coats (CPA Candidate), kcoats@wlmc-cpas.com ​

Ext. 109 - Regina G. Farinholt (Staff Accountant), rfarinholt@wlmc-cpas.com

Ext. 107 - Mallika Paranjpe (CPA Candidate), mparanjpe@wlmc-cpas.com

Ext. 111 - Walid Mohamed (CPA Candidate), wmohamed@wlmc-cpas.com

Ext. 106 - Cynthia L. Price (Administrative Assistant), cprice@wlmc-cpas.com

Ext. 101 - Deborah L. Carter (Receptionist), dcarter@wlmc-cpas.com 

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